DBS Disclosure Pack

You are required to read the following before proceeding to request a DBS Disclosure Pack.

As your umbrella body, Supply & Demand Recruitment Ltd is responsible for:

  • Providing an initial consultation visit, if requested
  • Providing you with DBS Disclosure forms
  • Providing a telephone support service
  • Countersigning forms
  • Checking correct completion of forms
  • Forwarding completed forms to DBS
  • Notifying you in writing of outcome of enquiry

You are responsible for:

  • Completing Disclosure forms accurately (inaccurate forms returned to user organisation will incur an additional administration fee) 
  • Checking applicant’s original documentation 
  • Providing photocopies of original documentation to accompany application 
  • Forwarding all material by post to Supply & Demand Recruitment Ltd
  • Ensuring the safe use, retention, storage and disposal of Disclosure information in accordance with the DBS code of practice and Supply & Demand’s policy

Supply and Demand Recruitment does not take any responsibility for the resulting recruitment decisions made by the employer.

Before we can act on your behalf we will need:

  • Assurance that your organisation is eligible to ask for Disclosure on your prospective applicants – we require documentation from you that will confirm the line of work you undertake.  
  • The name and contact details of any authorised representatives from your organisation who will be responsible for Disclosure applications.
  • Anyone in your organisation involved with overseeing the completion of DBS Disclosure forms must be fully briefed and understand the implications and obligations imposed upon them. 
  • If anyone other than yourself is to be involved in the completion of Disclosure forms, they must be registered as an additional designated representative and will need to sign a compliance declaration. 
  • Your company/organisation details. 
  • Your signed agreement to our terms of business.

Now you need to:

Once we have received your contact details we will send you the requested number of DBS Disclosure forms.  We also offer the option to download supporting materials, policy statements and updates on the latest DBS developments.